Designing a building is more than coming to the table with what is popular today. It’s a process of understanding and responding to the needs, environment, and site of your project as well as its constraints, opportunities and vision. It’s not just about a building. It’s about an environment – a place. And the lives that place will affect for decades to come.
       Our architectural design approach grows out of our understanding of your unique project via an intense discovery process. It is a method of discovering all aspects and possibilities related to your project, and once discovered, using them to inform our design.
     Arkitek OMA’s practice includes designers with extensive experience in multiple disciplines, including technical architecture, interior design, urban planning and sustainable design. Architects also have expertise in a range of building types, including, large-scale mixed-use complexes, corporate offices, exhibition facilities, cultural facilities and museums, civic and public spaces, hotels and residential complexes, and institutional projects.